Do's and Don'ts during Treatment

Health is delicate and constantly changing phenomenon. It is process rather then result. Successful and continous adaptation in constantly changing environment leads to Health. Same way, Disease is also not result but the continous process. Symptoms and signs are outward manifestations of internal derangement.

To understand, any individual case of illness as a whole, a good physician will focus not only on superficial signs but deeper causes.

We derived our immunity from our blood relations and early enviornment in childhood. All the factors works on it and at the end, we have perceptible form of disease. We have seen that in compare to present illnesses, many times patients give less important to previous illnesses, taken treatments, applied ointments on skin, reactions of some adverse physical situations. This may block the ideal treatment especially in chronic illnesses.

So, treatment of your disease, following points are improtant to understood first.

Before Treatment:

1. Precisely write down the questionare given to you. Each point is having its own importance.

2. Do mention all past illnesses with taken treatments. This will serve to judge your over all immunity and reaction pattern.

3. Details of any topical or local application, used or using in present.

During Treatment:

1. Homeopathic Treatment is always intended for your better health as a whole. Do not stop taking medicine after one or two complaints relieves. DO NOT change the dose or stop the medicine till doctor allows.

2. Do not apply or use any local or topical application during homeopathic treatment without consulting doctor. 

3. Before taking any other treatment for fever, cold, coryza, diarrhoea etc. during homeopathic treatment, please consult doctor first. Do not mix two or more medicinal substrance at a time. 

4. If any skin element or any old complaints comes back during treatment, inform doctor about it.

After Treatment:

Whether you are taking treatment from us or not, Be in touch with your doctor and give information about your state of health time to time. This is very important for us to maintain your health profile and to generate scintific data based on your cases. 

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