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Constitutional approach of treatment is an advanced method of homeopathic treatment for most of the so called incurable cases like infertility, hormone problems like thyroid problems, diabetes, arthritis, auto immune disorders.

In brief- "Homeopathic approach is holistic as well as individualistic; holistic in the sense that the medicine is selected for the patients as a whole, but not for individual diseased organs/parts; individualistic from the view point that each individual patient is considered different from others, although all are suffering from the same disease."

# 1: Collect the screening form, fill it and submit it

# 2: Appoinment will be given according to first come first

# 3: On given time and date, interview with Expert and appropriate Investigations will be adviced

# 4: After complete work out, medicine will be given with appropriat diet chart, exercise schedule, life style modification and counselling too, if needed.

In acute complaints, direct case will be taken without filling up form and medicine given on the spot as soon as possible. It should be followed by Full constitutional treatment ideally to prevent the recurrence. 


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