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|| Om sarvetra sukhinah santu sarve santu niramayah ||

 || Sarve bhadrani pasyantu ma kascid duhkhamapnuyat ||

Om shantih shantih shantih


Oh Almighty! May everybody be happy!

May all be free from ailments!

May we see what is auspicious!

May no one be subject to miseries!

Oh Almighty! May there be a Peace! Peace! Peace! Everywhere.

kathopanisada 2:6:19 - india - 1400 b.c.e.

To have a healthiest society by 2050.

For this,only treating the patients at clinic or hospital is never enough. Prevention and Maintenance of the Health is very big aspects. We are committed to such activities and tied up with various schools and institutes.

In 2014, we have successfully done work in the worst slum area of Rajkot and supplied not only medicine but tooth paste, clothes and done health awareness campaigns too.

Since 2015, we have actively engaged with JivanKala Foundation in various school activities and Health awareness program.

We support Mr Jigar Joshi for his Paper Bag Campaign to make the Rajkot City plastic free. 



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"I had a great time working with Dharmesh, leading an online group of youth writers. As the leader, Dharmesh was extremely responsible as well as a visionary person who could enthuse his own passion in medicine and apply them in life with others." May 7, 2012

Sayanee Basu

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