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As all other science, Homeopathy has its own scope and limitation. Homeopathy is medical science based on certain laws (law of similar, law of minimum and law of simplex). It can bring the rapid and gentle cure but within limit of scientific parameters, method of application and scope of treatment.

♦ Homeopathy is not a miracle medicine

♦ Homeopathy is not just the mind-based medicine

♦ Homeopathy is not placebo therapy

♦ Homeopathy is not faith healing

Before thinking about such absurd labels, one should examine the variety of diseases, Homeopathy used to cure. Acute infections, cases of neonates, emergency cases like heart diseases, pneumonia, asthma etc are successfully treated with homeopathy. In such conditions, no time for long case taking. Investigations of acute infections suggest clearly the result which has nothing to do with mind base treatment or faith healing or placebo.

♦ Homeopathy is not against the modern medicine

♦ Homeopathy is not against surgery

♦ Homeopathy is not against doing investigations or fulfilling diagnostic parameters.

All the branches of medical science have only purpose of better health of all. It is not difficult to understand that in cases, like Cerebral palsy, Major depressive disorder, Pregnancy related diseases and many more needs a team of experts from various pathies rather then one physician.

More the experts, better the health care. All the specialists are highly specific and having rich experiences of their area of expertness. In many cases, we need to have their opinion or referral for better care. On the other hand, many specialist including pediatricians, prefers homeopathy for their kids.

Actually there is a complementary relationship between all these pathies which increase scope and decrease the limitations. All the pathies have good and worse doctors. Genuineness of physician is more important than the pathy he/she is following.

Simply, development of any science is not linear phenomenon. And, invention of cell phone technology is not against computer technology but they complement each other and having similar aim of enriching human life. 

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